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Create the bum you want using our non surgical Brazilian Bum Lift Treatment from €1,100

“I want everyone to see themselves for who they are”

Michelle Furey Lawlor

Create the body of your dreams today using Liquid BBL Treatments

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Safer, cheaper and more effective alternative to surgery for BBL from €1,100

We use cannulas especially designed for the buttocks, to ensure less pain or sensitivity.  This gives the client less downtime. The high quality Dermal fillers used are designed for body contouring, which comes in various quantities depending on the client’s required look.

 Safely done by our Medic trained Aesthetician, and our Doctors within the sterile clinic of the Multi award winning JeJuve Clinic.  With over 100 clients per month, designing their own curves. This non surgical cosmetic procedure is popular and made our reputation, as designers of BBL, well known in Ireland


We use High grade Pharmaceutical Body filler.  All are batched and lot numbered, and are delivered by a pharmacy so we can guarantee traceability.

To date we have done an average of 100 clients per month for this treatment.

It depends on the volume loss of the client, some need more than one session to build up those curves.

Yes, we insist that this is done so we can manage your expectations, chat about any complications and address your concerns and do a treatment plan.

100 mils can be put in in one sitting. This is so that you can safely not cause any issues with the placement of filler in that area of the body.

Yes it has been known to be used in calves,  but we do not do it.

No, we do not use this for breast filler nor do we advocate use of breast filler. With the latest reports out there of migration, especially with breasts, we will never use it for breast filler here as the proximity to the heart and lungs is a real concern, should it break away.

Yes, we have a medic on staff who are trained to use lidocaine for the area.  Many of you all have met the amazing Doctors and Michelle who are in the clinic.

All fillers have a chance of complications, however with the experience of the team, the full support of the doctors at JeJuve clinic and training gives comfort.

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