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Michelle Furey Lawlor

About Michelle

Michelle Furey is a National Award Winning advanced aesthetician, and Non Surgical Specialist. Trained by the Industries leading specialists in aesthetics, she holds her accreditations from prestigious universities such as the University of Aesthetics. She was named by the university as student of the year 2018, the first ever international student to achieve this.


Our Services

Fat Dissolving


Aqualyx is an injectable solution which liquefies fat cells, destroying them for good. The lipids are then released and eliminated naturally by the lymphatic system. It is quick, convenient and minimally invasive.

Fat Dissolve Ankles | €200.00

Fat Dissolve Knees | €200.00

Fat Dissolve Thighs | €200.00

Fat Dissolve Lower Back | €200.00

Fat Dissolve Upper Back | €200.00

Fat Dissolve Lower Stomach | €210.00

Fat Dissolve Upper Stomach | €200.00

Fat Dissolve Mons Pubis | €450.00

Fat Dissolve Arms | €205.00

Cheeks | €200.00

Fat Dissolve Double Chin & Jawline | €180.00

Cosmetic Skin Injectables

Profhilo | 30 min, €250

Profhilo is an injectable anti-ageing treatment made from hyaluronic acid to address skin that is losing its elasticity and firmness with age. It is injected just below the surface of the skin where it disperses quickly and reacts with the tissue to instantly boost hydration. Used to treat the face and neck where initial signs of ageing can be most prominent.

Immediately following the treatment there is a noticeable improvement in skin tone, hydration as well as firmness, and lines are minimised. Over the next four weeks, the Profhilo treatment works to boost elastin and collagen production, effectively remodelling the skin and giving it a plumper, smoother and firmer appearance.

For optimum results Profhilo requires two treatments, both are included in our price.

Sunekos | 30 min, €200

This treatment is like no other! Rather than just ‘filling in’ lines and wrinkles, Sunekos is the only natural product that promotes the body’s own production of collagen and elastin, helping to rebuild the dermal layers of the skin and restore a natural, youthful look. Done in only one sitting.  Sunekos is effective at reducing dark circles, bags, and wrinkles. The benefit of using Sunekos is, it is the only natural product available in aesthetics that stimulates collagen and elastin, whilst restoring the elasticity and volume within the skin.

Hy-Juve Radiance | 30 min, €200

Designed by the leading team at JeJuve, has been designed to prevent premature ageing. If you want to maintain your youthful glow, then Cytocare 502 can help you achieve this by working on your skin to regenerate the dermis. Injected into the mid-deep layer of the skin dermis 


Dermaplaning is a procedure that exfoliates your skin and gets rid of dirt and vellus hair, better known as “peach fuzz.”

With dermaplaning, we use a medical-grade scalpel. The Aesthetician moves the scalpel, back and forth to scrape off the top layer of dead skin.

The exfoliation and hair removal can leave your skin brighter and smoother. The treatment may soften fine lines and wrinkles and reduce hyperpigmentation, or uneven skin tone. It’s also used to treat deep acne scars. How well it works really depends on your skin type, tone, and medical history. Most people have little to no irritation or reaction. You can do dermaplaning every 3 to 4 weeks. There’s no downtime needed to let your skin heal. However, we recommend using a broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF 30 and a moisturizer afterwards. That’s because your skin may be more sensitive.

BioGold Facelift | 30 min, €180

A customised selection of injectables.  Chosen to ensure balance in all areas of the face. Using a different cocktail of products, this ultimate facelift is amazing for allowing collagen and elastin to be regenerated in areas of laxity.  this is ideal for those who suffer from dull lifeless skin.  One application is all that is needed to give a youthful glow that is promised to continue on for weeks and months.

ReJuran | 30 min, €200

This treatment is a skin tissue regenerator, REJURAN® , extracted from salon DNA, which can be applied on overall skin (face, décolleté, hands, etc.) that has:

Poor elasticity, pigmentation, and fine wrinkles that caused by intrinsic ageing and photo-ageing.

Damaged skin is caused by repetitive skin treatment, the chemical stimulus of cosmetics and pollution.

REJURAN® can be applied to a thin skin area.

The skin elasticity improves the most for cheeks 4 weeks after administration.

It fundamentally regenerates and recovers skin by activating the self-renewal ability of skin without irritation.  Only 3 sessions are needed with the full effect seen 2/3 weeks after the last session.  Amazing for even acne-prone skin as well as older mature skin. 

Body Contouring Fillers

BBL Fillers | 1h, €1100

Add fillers to define the height and shape to buttocks, and fill in dents in hips etc

Hip Dent Filler | €650.00

BBL Filler 100 mils | €700.00

BBL Filler 200 mils | €1050.00

BBL Filler 400 mils | €1900.00

BBL Filler 500 mils | €3250.00

Hour Glass Package | €2200.00

Facial Fillers


Snatched Package | 45 min, €490

This is a custom package that gives you the flexibility to choose the areas you want to be included in your snatched package. Areas include Chin Fillers, Jawline contour, Lip Flip, Cheek Lift.  Depending on what is needed for consultation, we can tailor the package to you.  It has average 4/5 ml of fillers used if with lips and 4 for facial fillers.


Jawline | 30 min

Create Balance in the face to give more defined features and a new youthful lift to the contour of the jawline.

chin filler

Chin Filler | 30 min, €250

Create Balance in the face to give more defined features and a new youthful lift to the volume of the face and elongating the chin.

cheek filler

Cheek Filler | 30 min

Create Balance in the face to give more defined features and a new youthful lift to the volume of the face.

brow lift

Brow Lift Filler | 30 min, €150

To lift and raise the brows to give a more youthful appearance.

Lip Fillers

Lip Filler | 30 min

Lip filler injection is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that is performed at a doctor’s office with minimal downtime. They are injectable treatments that can add volume and definition to the lips, improve lip symmetry and treat vertical lip lines.

Cleft Lip Filler | 30 min

Cleft reconstruction done on many people may leave minor irregularities that can be further improved by injectable fillers.  Our Aestheticians are trained to inject filler into any irregularities to give more symmetry to the lip shape and contours.  

vixen lips

Vixen Lips | 30 min, €180

This is a plumper pout that gives more volume to the lips and gives a pillow puffiness. Ideal for everyone but adored by the younger people. It gives that Kylie pout that is dreamed of. 

russian lip

Russian Lip | 30 min, €230

An advanced Aesthetic lip contour method, designed to give you more lift and height on the lips.  Creating a more defined cupid bow and keeping the lips completely flat to the face. 

Anti-Wrinkle Treatments


Anti Wrinkle

FDA approved, medically regulated, anti-wrinkle injections, safe treatment for fine lines and wrinkles. This cosmetic medical treatment is suitable for virtually anyone who has wrinkles or other skin lines that they want to remove. This includes people who want to fight the signs of natural ageing or those who’ve developed lines from exposure to the sun. The anti-wrinkle treatment can be used also if there is any issue such as hyperhidrosis (underarm sweating) or if there is a tightening of the neck needed. (Nefertiti lift).

Your consultation for treatment will be with one of our highly trained medical professionals Doctors who is experienced in administering injectables. In order to ensure we achieve the results you want, we will discuss with you your skin concerns, timings and finances. Our consultations are no obligation and we aim to help you understand the treatment, its effects and how it works to prevent and/or improve your fine lines.

Our follow up visits if there are any concerns you have further to your initial appointment. All our doctors at JeJuve are highly trained GPs & Surgeons.  They are celebrity anti-wrinkle specialists themselves and they are educators of the industry, to other Doctors.


Consultation | 15 min, Free

A Consultation is an important part of successfully performing aesthetic treatments. The patient’s medical history is reviewed, including past medical history, medications, allergies, and past cosmetic history (including results from previous treatments and side effects if any, and satisfaction with outcomes) Managing the expectations of the client.

brow lift

Anti-wrinkle 3 areas | €260.00


Nefertiti Neck Lift | €350.00

Gummy Smile

Gummy Smile | €110.00

Vixen lips

Lip Flip | €110.00

Plasma blast/Fibroblast


The Plasma Pen

The Plasma Pen, also called “Fibroblast,” is a treatment that has been in use for many years across the globe. This procedure is intended to treat loose, crepey skin and wrinkles or fine lines.

Plasma Pen Fibro blasting uses thermal energy and voltaic arch the skin is forced into repair mode thus tightening the area of skin treated.

Wrinkles Softening: We active the fibroblast cell by applying heat (thermal energy to the treatment area) this causes the body to create excessive amounts of collagen and elastin and therefore a very natural smoothing of the skin’s surface. You will be left with red dots that then eventually change colour to black revealing fresh new pink skin underneath which with vitamin E will fade back to the natural tone of your skin.


Stretch Marks | 30 min, €150

Stretch marks are caused by tearing of the dermis during periods of the rapid growth of the body, such as during puberty or pregnancy, in which they usually form during the last trimester. Usually on the stomach, these striates also commonly occur on the breasts, thighs, hips, lower back, and buttocks. The plasma pen is excellent at treating these areas by lifting and tightening the area.


Neck Lift | 30 min, €150

Weight loss or ageing can cause skin laxity. The plasma pen can tighten the area of concern giving it a more lifted and youthful area. The neck is done under 2/3 sessions. tightening and lifting each time.


Smokers Mouth | 30 min, €150

For those lines that appear around the mouth whether it’s smoker’s lines or not, the plasma pen can reduce the depth of these and smooth out the skin over time.  Excellent for those who feel the mouth is ageing and want a more youthful face.  done over 2 sessions.


EyeBags | 30 min, €150

For loose crepe skin, this treatment of plasma blast is excellent for obtaining the tightness needed to rejuvenate the area of the eyes.  

upper eyes & crows feet

Upper eyes & Crows feet | 30 min, €200

For those who have had excess skin giving a downward or hooded eye.  This is an excellent lifting treatment for you and an alternative to blepharoplasty.  It helps to tighten the lid area. showing more kin and is excellent at making the eyes look fuller and brighter.

From sun exposure, laughter or character lines.  this is an incredible treatment to tighten up those areas, giving an amazing alternative to the use of anti-wrinkle injections.

Butt enhancement

Butt Enhancement | €150

Making the buttock more uplifted, firmer and tighter from just one session! followed by a skin tax tightening treatment!

  • Remove cellulite
  • Stimulate lymphatic drainage
  • Remove a build-up of bad toxins
  • Equivalent to 5,000 squats
    Increase muscle
breast enhancement

Breast Enhancement | €150

Benefits are:

  • Lifts and firms the bust
  • Tightens the skin
  • Amazing for health and lymphatic drainage
  • Stimulates the process of tension breast induction that
  • Stimulates natural breast growth
  • Works the chest muscles
  • Also lifts and tones the bust and helps dramatically with cellulite reduction
butt lift

Butt Lift | 40 min, €150

  • Making the buttock more uplifted, firmer and tighter from just one session! Pair it up with a tax skin tightening treatment… (ask staff)
  • Remove cellulite
  • Stimulate lymphatic drainage removing a build-up of bad toxins
  • Equivalent to 5,000 squats
  • Increase muscle

PDO Cog/Mono Threads

Neck & Jawline

Neck & Jawline | €400

By threading thin, dissolvable sutures underneath your skin, your doctor is able to pull your skin tight around your neck.

Invisible, painless “barbs” grab onto your skin and make sure that the thread grips your underlying tissue and muscles as the thread is pulled tight. Lifting the area by removing the jowling that can make you look older.

half facelift

Full facelift | €800

Your forehead, jowls, under-eye area, and eyebrow are all parts of your face that can be considered for a thread lift. You can choose to target just one area or several at once.  placed around your forehead, around the ears and lower face. Once a barbed thread is inserted, your body’s healing response is triggered. Even though you’re not injured by the threads under your skin, your body detects a suture material and stimulates collagen production in the affected area. Collagen can fill gaps in sagging skin and restore a more youthful elasticity to your face.

half facelift

Half facelift | €400

Inserted into the midline to lower face it is designed to lift the sagging and jowling that comes with ageing and gives a more defined look to the jawline especially. The threads are introduced into the deep layers of the skin producing instant skin lifting, and cellular renewal through the production of collagen. Your skin is now stimulated to produce new collagen and elastin, and new blood vessels which in turn improve skin microcirculation, the PDO threads cause the fat tissues to contract, producing a skin tightening and facial slimming effect.


Browlift | €350

Your facial tissues start to sag and you may begin to notice your eyebrows dropping down and losing the natural arch. Your eyebrows begin to create a sad and angry appearance even though you’re not sad or angry.

Your eyebrows begin to move much closer to your eyes and you begin to lose your normal facial appearance. Eyebrow lift using PDO threads is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure whereby PDO threads are used to lift and tighten the eyebrows and the part of the face above the eyes to remove wrinkles, brow lines, and correct saggy or drooping eyebrows.

Eyebrow lift using PDO threads is a non-surgical, minimally invasive alternative to the traditional surgical brow lift. It provides a more youthful facial appearance without leaving scars and with minimal downtime.


Fox eyes | €400

The same technique is used as the brow-lift however we have discovered that a technique called fox eyes, done by an advanced aesthetician can give a more slanted Cleopatra lift to the eye.


Breast Lift | 40 min, €300

Using PDO threads this barbed suture lift aims to lift and sculpt the shape of your breasts. Thread lifts use temporary, medical-grade suture material to “stitch up” your skin so that it’s drawn taut. Giving a lifting effect. Lasts about 8/10 months.


Cheek Lift | €290.00


Ejal 40 skin booster

Ejal 40 Skin Booster | €220.00

Hair Max filler for thinning hair

Hair Max Filler For Thinning Hair | €150.00

Jejuve Infusion Glow up

JeJuve Infusion Glow Up | €120.00

PROFHILO - 2 sessions

Profhilo 2 Sessions | €380.00

PROFHILO - single maintenance

Profhilo Single Maintaince | €210.00

Jejuve Infusion Glow up

Sunekos | €200.00


AMEELA | €350.00

Hy-juve radience

Hy-Juve Radiance | €200.00

Bio - gold facelift

Bio-gold Facelift | €180.00


ReJuran | €200.00

Dermal Fillers

Lips 0.5 mil

Lips 0.5 mil | €140.00

Lips 1.5 mil

Lips 1.5 mil | €280.00

Vixen Lips 1mil

Vixen Lips 1 mil | €199.00

Russian Lips 1mil

Russian Lips 1 mil | €220.00

Lips filler 2mil

Lips Filler 2 mil | €360.00

Brow Lift Filler

Brow Lift Filler | €140.00

Cheek Filler 1.1 mil

Cheek Filler 1.1 mil | €200.00

Cheek Filler 2 mil

Cheek Filler 2 mil | €399.00

Chin Filler

Chin Filler | €220.00

Cheek Filler 1.1 mil

Jawline Filler 1.2 mil | €200.00

Jawline Filler 2 mil

Jawline Filler 2 mil | €350.00

Snatched Package

Snatch Package | €490.00

Under Eye_ Tear Trough

Under Eye / Tear Trough | €299.00

Marionette Lines

Marionette Lines | €250.00

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty | €300.00

Nasolabial Fold Filler

Nasiolab Fold Filler | €240.00

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